Rachael Yamagata is no stranger in the music scene. In fact, this singer-songwriter from Virginia has already proven herself on stage and in records with four EPs and three studio albums. Now, the songstress treats fans with a collection of her favorite pieces in a NoiseTrade Loft Sessions Mixtape.

Packed with ten alternative pop tracks, Yamagata reminds us of the essence of music – a conflation of melodies, lines and tunes that evokes certain emotions.

In opening track, Line, Yamagata welcomes our ears with fluttering – almost fleeting – piano keys that’s carefully paired with the artist’s textured yet soothing voice. The whole track is celebrates silence and simplicity, creating a soothing effect in every tune.

Devastate Me follows with a more playful, quirky vibe. Here, Yamagata sings and jumps around acoustic guitar strings. On the other hand, Play Out goes into serious mode again with languid guitar strings and the artist’s signature husky voice, which escalates at the right places to stir us to the core.

Actually Done overcasts a kind of sorrow that’s perfect with Yamagata’s nonchalant delivery. Here, the songstress’ unique power to suck you into the song’s lines is on full display as each word, paired with a soft string or two, makes you bask in emotions.

Yamagata’s NoiseTrade Loft Sessions is a well-crafted collection that encourages to do one thing – to feel. Rachael Yamagata’s ability to find beauty in sorrow and the simple things is what makes her worthy of every play.

Track List:
1. Line
2. Devastate Me
3. Play Out
4. It’ll Do
5. Parade
6. Stick Around
7. Sweet Sweet Jimmy
8. Lighthouse
9. Bullshit
10. Actually Done

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