Greeting 2012 with a free release, Cut Music is offering a brand new mini EP. Injecting a slightly new feel compared to their usual releases, Miles Apart EP from Existance, slightly exudes a more R&B electronic dubstep feel. This short 3-track compilation features smooth rhythms and hypnotic vocal samples.

Although it’s short, the tracks in the record are easily likable, thanks to skillful mixing and just a knack for creating some fine, easy-listening beats. 

From the first single, Miles Apart; listeners are treated to a smooth mix of sounds. Like a big jigsaw puzzle finding the right pieces, each beat, vocal and synth fit comfortably against each other. It’s hard not to enjoy the track even if you might not consider yourself a big electro dubstep fan.

Meanwhile, Uninhabited is a bit closer to tracks previously featured under Cut. The song is a bit dark with an eerie ‘walking-down-a-dark-alleyway’ vibe. On the other hand, you’ll find the last song, Pelennor Fields, a bit more melodic with moody drums, bass and pianos peppering the background.

Each of the three songs have a completely different feel to them but they all resonate with an overall equation; that is a good and catchy beat. You can grab the download over at BandCamp or head over to the Cut Music website. Give this a listen.

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