Perfect Fit is the debut EP of Germany based duo Heartbeat a.k.a Kati Camara and Ray Novacane.

The EP feautures six intimate, dreamy pop songs with crisp production, danceable beats, and chill instrumentals. The real standout here though are the soulful vocals of Camara. Her stunning voice and complete grasp of Philly soul styling makes this EP a must have.

The title track Perfect Fit welcomes the ears with a hypnotizing beat, which makes you want to repeat this song ten times more.

Aside from its interesting tune, To Be // Stepping Lo boasts an amazing lyric composition. While the Fall // Our Love Is A Losing Game sounds like a combination of the first two tracks.

Among all the songs in this album, Big City stood out for me, primarily because of its haunting melody at the beginning of the song.

The album is deeply rooted in ’90s R&B. So for those who want to live up the good vibes from the ’90s must listen to this album. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want/free download on bandcamp.

Track List:
1. Perfect Fit
2. To Be // Stepping Lo
3. The Fall // Our Love Is A Losing Game
4. Big City
5. Day By Day
6. Fading

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