Boeboe‘s El Dorado is an EP that is as bouncy and nerve jangling as a speeding in a stolen Porsche. Whether that’s your idea of fun or not, no one could ever resist dancing to this EP.

Feel Me is dominated with beats that would make you succumb into night-lights of partying and adventure.

Shower Water Burn is as gangsta as ambient music can get. The sounds of distorted and upturned tapes take superiority.

Amazon Basin’ is a space music that would put your body high up above the clouds. Feel the jingling and atmospheric beat while listening to this song. The song is somehow sexy and soothing in a way. While Benign Advice is a soul-bearing introspection wrapped in layers of amusing vibration, icy chill, and transient resonances. The last four tracks are remixes of the first four tracks.

The artist’s precision and explosive, intimidating beat attacks are a different form of art. The whole album is boundless and it feels well put together.

Strong hip-hop tracks with an inspired background outros, leaving the listener wanting to load up the album again.

Track List:
1. Feel Me
2. Bout Dat
3. Shower Water Burn
4. Amazon Basin’
5. Benign Advice
6. Bout Dat (Liquid Rockz Remix)
7. Shower Water Burn (G Jones Remix)
8. Amazon Basin’ (Bleep Bloop Remix)
9. Benign Advice (Subp Yao Remix)

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