Hard-rockers Into The Wild describe themselves as a group of “5 charming young guys” that have been “riffing in Germany since 2010.” Hailing from the city of Osnabrück, the band’s style is potent and electrifying, while also making room for pensive, introspective lyricism – as we observe on their debut full-length project, Restless.

The music on Restless is dark, brassy stoner-metal that builds itself upon a base of classic rock n roll influences. The result is a menacing overdose of raw, grisly tunes that manage to be just as catchy as they are powerful. What makes Restless an even greater thrill is the impassioned performance of each member of the band. The growling vocals by Felix Franke are instantly hooking, seething with hostility and attitude. The guitar-work by Lee Frederick, meanwhile, is nothing short of face-melting as he churns one relentless riff after another and the tight drumming only heightens the overall ferocity. Add to the entire mix some pristine production and you have the fantastic record that Restless is.

Favorite Track: Eruption

Track List
1. Red to Black 05:43
2. Coloured Visions 02:25
3. Eruption 03:44
4. Blackened Names 04:09
5. Sun 04:37
6. UnLeeshed 03:01
7. Sex 77 03:18
8. Owners of Planets 04:13
9. Restless Soul 03:44

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