There’s something about vintage things that gets us excited; Vintage clothes, vintage shops, and now even vinyls have become popular again. For New Jersey-Based electronic music producer Aaron Velasquez, or Flamingosis, he has a true love for vintage sounds. While other producers focus on taking samples from old songs and giving them a modern electronic feel, Aaron keeps that crisp, old-school sound. It has given him a signature style that has earned him a large following. Great Hair, is a collection of tracks that have that classic Flamingosis sound.

Flamingosis reaches a new level of sampling on this album. He molds different sounds and works with different artists to create 13 tracks that don’t sound too much like each other. In his track Saturday Night Fever, Aaron lays a groove over a funk sample and gives it a feel that’s a mix between Future Funk and Hip Hop. He also collaborates with his friend and producer Tokyo Megaplex on the track Elevator Pass. This track has more of an electronic feel with fun synths, electric pianos and effects but still has that solid boom bap feel.

Aaron named himself Flamingosis after a freestyle Frisbee move invented by his father, a professional Frisbee player. The cover art of the album is actually a picture of Aaron’s Father and his partner at the 1977 World Frisbee Championships. Although the music may not necessarily reference Frisbee, the overall feel of the album reflects that picture; good days, good friends and good hair styles.

flamingosis great hair 2

Flamingosis is a part of a couple collectives including Rootnote, Keats Collective and Em La La Terra. He released Great Hair through UKNOWY Music as his first physical release. Unfortunately, the limited edition bundles with cassette tapes and frisbees are sold out. But you can still download this great LP for free today.

Track List
1. Hidden Attraction
2. Frugal Livin’ (Feat. Ian Ewing)
3. Riding the L
4. Getting Close to You
5. I met a funky lady
6. Saturday Night Fever
7. Momento
8. I’ll Be There (Feat. Tendencies)
9. Oakland (Feat. Bollywood Life)
10. Sun Whisperer
11. Breakfast Poutine
12. Snacks on Snack
13. Elevator Pass (Feat. Tokyo Megaplex)

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