Take the chill pill and listen to Azure‘s May 2013 release titled Mint Condition. The Oakland-based rapper crafts a pleasant combination of hip hop, rap, and soul, which are sonically-related to each other.

Opening the album with ethereal waves and ambient narration is Three Times a Charm. Listen how the spacey, atmospheric arrangement builds into a plethora of chimes and soul musings. Soft, whimsical instruments elevates dense, clean rapping making this a nice break from the usual beats served in our hip hop favorites.

Deep End follows with hefty slices of soul. Successfully executed pairings of witty lines and hooking material gives the track much utility even outside the hip hop arena.

Texturized vintage notes blended with steady hooks is featured in Bring The Cool. While Best You Got FT. Allie Yamaguchi showcases crisp rapping and zesty, electrifying notes.

Clocking in at number eleven, Big City screams “groovy” in its entirety. Together with a bottle of below-zero beer while soaking in the beach, this is chill out materialized.

In Mint Condition, Azure successfully balances substance and style. The throwback hip hop attitude is a total dig, as it eases the nerves without loosing its kick.

The album is available as a pay-what-you-want/free download on Bandcamp.

Track List:
1. Three Times A Charm
2. Deep End
3. Bring The Cool
4. Slow Motion Ft. LV
5. Catch Me If You Can Ft. IAMSU & 1-O.A.K.
6. Deadstock Ft. Na(T)ive Son
7. Change The World
8. Best You Got Ft. Allie Yamaguchi
9. Love Supreme Ft. Jeni Suk
10. Behind My Waters Ft. Dave Steezy
11. Big City
12. Panoramic Ft. P-Funk
13. Rest In Pieces

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