Electronica collective FlowMotive aptly describe themselves as a group whose “motives are many but… flow is one” on their social media. While each of the five members may exhibit their own unique style and taste, the group is united by their love for groovy, trap-infused mixes. With their debut FlowMotive Vol. 1, a 10-track compilation, we are given a glimpse of each of the producers’ talents to whet our appetite for whatever the group has to offer in the coming years.

Apart from electronica, the members of FlowMotive quite evidently also share a love of hip-hop. Now and then, verses from artists like Danny Brown and Kanye West are sampled into the album’s mixes, taking on an entirely new meaning as they play over the group’s glitchy, futuristic production. The beats used, too, often reveal a hip-hop influence, like on Offline State of Mind. While the first half of the collection puts the focus on the group’s fascination with squelchy, bass-heavy percussion, the second half sees a more smooth and mellow atmosphere. Stopped Drinking (Sober Remix) sounds like an R&B jam from 20 years in the future, whereas Pharreal Bump charms with its delicate and airy texture. Todo Tiene, meanwhile, with its tropical vibes, feels like an outdoor party somewhere in the Bahamas.

Favorite Tracks: Eyes Tye Dyed, Stray, Todo Tiene

Track List
1. Hollowz – Eyes Tye Dyed 02:10
2. Kansado – Awake And Asleep 02:24
3. VND – Stray 02:29
4. Ra Low – Todo Tiene 01:45
5. Shape Zed – Offline State Of Mind 02:52
6. Kansado – Pharreal Bump 01:39
7. Ra Low – Filling In The Empty Spaces (w/Hollowz) 01:57
8. Hollowz – Stopped Drinking (Sober Remix) 02:23
9. Shape Zed – The Open Window 06:33
10. VND – Vacation 03:26

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