One of the most common tasks Windows users do is rename multiple files and folders, but this task has never been easy. With Advanced Renamer for Windows, a freeware utility from developer Kim Jensen, you’ll be able to configure batch jobs for renaming several files at the same time.

The program has 14 methods for renaming. In just a single step you can modify the timestamps and the attributes along with the names. The program also lets you create new file names, change cases, replace cases and do a lot more. You can also check the output first, and if you make a mistake, you can undo the last batch completely.

With this application you can rename image files easily, perfect when you are arranging pictures in your gallery. The thumbnail mode lets you see the files so you can see what is happening. If there’s GPS data on the image you can add the country and city where you snapped the picture.


Advanced Rename is also a great tool for renaming mp3 files which often have messy names. Because it has built in ID3 support, you can easily rename those mp3s and change the cases, remove the underscore and other weird characters from the names. The program also lets you input the resolution or codec into a video file as well as other information.

Other features on Advanced Renamer are Unicode support, creating custom methods via JavaScript for advanced users, undoing of the last batch and video tag renaming. There is also renaming with support for EXIF, and you can use wildcards or regular expressions.

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