Unlock the artist within you by playing around with a simple yet amazingly addicting app like Sketch N Draw, available for Android. The app helps the users in letting the creativity run wild by vesting full power of imaging and sketching.

Created by Abhishek Kumar, the developer seems to have created a wide range of apps on the market and has achieved some great download numbers in a short span of time. Sketch N Draw does look like an app with little or no lag at all.

The app really brings out the creativity in the user with the smooth fluidity it has to offer. On start, the menu is undaunting and the user-interface just seems to blend-in with the whole environment. In-app there are 14 brushes for different usage and an eraser. There is also a plethora of options like any normal picture editor, such as, redo and undo, color picker, alpha scale 0%-100% and various other advanced tools that are befitting for users with a more advanced touch.

The app can really produce some great pieces of work if done carefully and proper attention to detail is maintained. Overall, a great app with perfect set of tools for more functionality and less garbage. Also, a big thumbs up to the developer for providing the Market with a quality piece of work.

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