Redecorating your room or your home can be a headache, especially if you don’t know which goes with what, or if this furniture would fit in a small space. But here’s a software that home interior designers, decorating enthusiasts and home/apartment owners would definitely like: Sweet Home 3D.
Sweet Home 3D helps you visualize whatever floor plan you may have. Available for all platforms, it allows you to add and modify furniture, make rooms, configure size adjustments and preview them all in 3D as if you are a professional interior decorator or a seasoned architect.

With powerful features and customization settings, creating your dream home or dream room is just a breeze with Sweet Home 3D. You can adjust any furniture’s size, as well as doors, walls, floors, windows and just about anything else.

Another nice thing about Sweet Home 3D aside from being available for all platforms is that you can actually use it without having to download it. It has a Java Start version which allows you to decorate your home without waiting for the installer to download.

Likewise, Sweet Home 3D offers a number of downloadable plugins to add to your library. Contributors often create 3D models of various home furniture, features, and just about anything else. From stairs, to coffee tables and even kitchen utensils, customizing and visualizing your dream home gets easier. With hundreds of things to put, you will surely enjoy decorating your new home for future renovations or simply for fun.

Sweet Home 3D is very useful for interior decorators and architects, too. This simple tool allows them to present floor plans with approximate estimates of how rooms would look with various pieces of furniture. It also allows them to mix and match things as to what works best with the project.

This software is definitely a keeper, especially if you are someone who loves to tweak around your home. Sweet Home 3D lets you tweak your home, without having to move a single furniture.

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