The original Badland was a hit, so it is not surprising that Frogmind came up with a sequel. Badland 2 has you guiding critters and make sure they get past all the obstacles in their way. It’s a puzzle adventure game like the first featuring bird creatures going through a maze. There are similarities with the original, but there are major improvements.

The Badland 2 gameplay is simple enough: guide the critters using simple controls. Tap the screen and the creatures begin to flap. The difference from the previous version is you can tap left or right, giving you more control over how the creatures’ direction.

There are also a lot of threats including spikes, lasers and so on. Even if you haven’t played the game before, it’s something that you can quickly get into. You can go up and down, left or right.

You’re going to die a lot the first few times as the threats seem to come out of nowhere. When the game starts, the screen pans. You’ve go to be quick with your reflexes because if the critters fall off the display they’ll die. So the key is to keep the critters going and try to keep them alive.

Badland 2 has an online mode where you can compete with other players’ ghosts. Try this mode if you want to get high scores and also see how other players complete a level. While Badland 2 is challenging, it is still enjoyable and worth trying out.

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