The market for casual, one tap games is getting crowded, but Serkan Olymaz has come up with a unique one called Rise Up that is deceptively easy yet is more challenging than you expect. The goal is to protect your balloon with a shield from the various objects that drop out of the sky. Sounds like a cakewalk but wait till you play it.

The minimalist graphics are well suited for the game. Your white balloon rises up and there is a small circle nearby, which is the shield. Use your finger to control the shield to safeguard your balloon from the various objects that could hit it.

Bricks and other solid objects cascade down the sky so you need to be quick with your finger. Just move your finger in the direction of the falling objects and once the shield makes contact the object is destroyed. Be careful however as some of the falling debris might hit your balloon.

The more obstacles you are able to break, the higher your balloon flies and the more points you score. Rise Up also allows you to compete with friends and see who is more adept when it comes to protecting balloons.

The very simple mechanics is what draws people to Rise Up, and it is a testament to the quality of the game. At the start only a few objects fall, giving you time to get used to the gameplay, but eventually more and more fall down and you need to move fast. Reach scoring milestones and you unlock new balloons in different colors.

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