Casual mobile games are popular because they are deceptively simple and yet challenging. A good example of that is Dune!. Developed by Voodoo, the premise is simple, jump over the line and score. However, there is more to the game than that. Like other casual mobile titles, Dune! is maddeningly fun and will have you coming back just one more time.

The game mechanics are simple. You control a white ball with the objective to send it up as high as you can. The higher the ball gets up in the air the higher your score is. Tap and hold to control the speed of the ball then lift your finger to let the ball go up in the air.

You cannot just carelessly hurl the ball up as high as you want though. Doing so increases the risk of the ball crashing back hard. Your goal – apart from scoring points – is not to crash and keep the ball movement smooth.

The more you play the game the more you become accustomed to the mechanics and develop a rhythm. In a short while, you will be sending that ball up the skies and into space, and all that via sand dunes.

The key to lasting in Dune! is timing. You also need to pick the right dunes especially when you are about to land. There are different types of dunes, and the deeper the dune the harder it is to land. That is why you need to pick ones that are not too deep. Bottom line, Dune! is a cool casual game but still requires some strategy.

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