London-based producer Paul White has always maintained indifference towards being in the spotlight. While the artist’s boundary-pushing work on rapper Danny Brown‘s acclaimed albums Atrocity Exhibition and XXX have made him a sought-after musician in the industry, his identity remains a blur to the public. Now, after having produced albums for multiple rap giants, Paul wishes to carve a name for himself as a solo-artist as well. Sounds from the Skylight, an instrumental hip-hop album from the producer, proves just how capable he is of carrying a record on his own and making it a thrilling experience.

The heady psychedelic explosion of genres that Paul has come to be associated with is present on Sounds from the Skylight, but its gentler in nature than on his previous work. Influences from various styles, countries and cultures are brought together on the album and deftly woven by Paul into a colorful and majestic tapestry of sounds. Listening to the record feels like walking through a carnival of sorts as Paul draws samples from almost anything he can get his hands on, whether it be African disco music, middle-eastern melodies or old, grainy folk numbers. In the hands of lesser artists, such a mix could feel unnecessarily chaotic and pretentious but Paul ensures that his wide-ranging elements are blended tastefully and balances the record’s loud, overbearing parts with moments of restraint. As the album ends, it leaves you with the disoriented feeling of having returned from some woozy, alien place or waking up from a freaky fever-dream.

Favorite Tracks: Ultraviolet, Highlife, What’s Good For Me, Funk Positive

Track List
1. Intro 00:09
2. Trying To Tell You 02:03
3. Ultra Violet 01:58
4. An Illusion Interlude 00:21
5. Dream State (Dam Tales) 01:47
6. Highlife 02:28
7. Wait For Me 01:37
8. What’s Good For Me 01:59
9. Funk Positive 01:29
10. Alien Attack 01:54
11. Get’em Up 02:07
12. Speed Dating 00:36
13. Swimming 01:53
14. A Quiet Place 01:55
15. Be Mine 00:47
16. You Sober? 01:09
17. Who Interlude 00:24
18. Who’s Laughing? 01:38
19. Synthia Dreams 01:33

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