Do you enjoy the Friday the 13th movies and often wish you could be Jason and kill all those annoying campers at Crystal Lake? Well, Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle from Blue Wizard lets you do that. If you have played Slayaway Camp before the gameplay will be familiar, but even if you have not, the game is easy to get into.

This is a top down puzzle game, and in spite of the grim subject the game approaches it with a humorous tone. The cute, block graphics give it a retro feel, and the layout, puzzles, obstacles and mechanics are quick to grasp as the first level functions like a tutorial.

You control Jason, and the goal is to terrorize and slay everyone. The game starts at Camp Crystal Lake but eventually Jason goes to a ski resort, New York, a prison and few other locations. There is not a lot of story here but hey, the Friday the 13th films are not known for their plot either.

This tile based puzzle game involves killing your victims in different ways, all the while solving some puzzles and mini games. A lot of the early levels are easy enough, but there are more challenges ahead and you need to incorporate some strategies to make the kill. Very importantly – most people seem to like the game a lot! It averages 4.9/5 or 9/10 on different download sites, which is very rare for that type of a game.

If you love the Friday the 13th movies, you will like this game as well. Even if you do not consider yourself a big fan of the films, you should still get a kick out of playing Jason and going after the victims.

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