Chronology: Time Changes Everything from Osao is a puzzle platformer that makes great use of time travel, something that’s not properly used in many puzzle games. You control the Snail and the Inventor, switching between when required and together they have to solve a number of very interesting and challenging puzzles.

With the Inventor you have the ability to move between past and present as well as interact with objects, such as moving them from past to present and vice versa. You many need to get an item from “the after”, the cataclysm that destroyed the planet, and bring it to the past so you can move to the next level.

The Snail also plays an important role because she can freeze time and help the Inventor perform tasks. The snail can be used as a platform or slide on walls. The Inventor can also call up the Snail anytime except for some particular spots. The two work very well together, especially when the Snail freezes an object so the inventor can get on, and it is used extensively in the puzzles.

Chronology: Time Changes Everything is a lot of fun, and the puzzles never get too hard, and even with the time travel concept the complexity is just right. The controls are very easy to learn, and there’s no need to worry about accidentally touching something. Help buttons are available too, and you can do the character switching and time manipulation with no trouble at all.

If you like puzzle games with a touch of platform action, then Chronology: Time Changes Everything will suit you perfectly.

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