puzzle games


The official Jenga game from NaturalMotion, released with the help of creator Leslie Scott, provides you with plenty of entertainment on your iOS or Android. As you might expect, the game employs real-time 3D physics simulation so the behavior is the same as a real Jenga tower.


Wordfeud, developed by Bertheussen IT, is a cross-platform multiplayer puzzle game. Come up with bigger and better words, challenge friends or random opponents, and play up to 30 separate games simultaneously. It is pretty much like scrabble for your iPhone and Android. It's played on a 15x15 board with virtual tiles offering double or triple letter scores on the individual letters or the whole word if you cover them up. Just like the old board game you play one word from your seven letter tiles, refill your rack with letters from a tile pool as you use them and then it's your opponent's turn. When the pool is empty and there are no tiles for making words, the highest score wins.

Everyday Jigsaw

If you are looking for something to pass the time, then why not solve jigsaw puzzles? Everyday Jigsaw is a great way for you to beat the influx of boredom. Unlike boring puzzle games, Everyday Jigsaw lives up to its name and provides you with a different jigsaw puzzle every single day. Choose from a host of puzzle games to figure out or even make a puzzle piece out of an image you have on your computer. The game is the perfect escape for those who love brain teasing games and have plenty of time on their hands. Moreover, the game is easy to use since controls are pretty basic. It also provides a very smooth gameplay