Angry Birds was the game that put mobile gaming on the map, and several titles based on the hit have appeared. Now Rovio has released the sequel to the original, Angry Birds 2, and it’s a good one. The basic mechanics you’ve come to love and know are still there, but tweaks have been added that make the game even more fun and challenging.

You’ll still be doing the same thing basically, and that is to toss different types of birds on the pig structures and destroy as many as you can. Also you’ll still be using the same drag and release so it’s good to know the mechanics haven’t been changed. However, the graphics have improved significantly.

The biggest change is that rather than have a specific set of birds per level, now you have cards assigned randomly based on the new spells and characters you have unlocked. If you fill up the destruction meter you’ll be able to increase the deck. The game levels also have a different look: instead of just one catapult there are now several shooters, and all the pigs have to be destroyed if you want to finish a section.

If you don’t finish the level you’ll lose one of your five lives. There’s a timer too but it’s not hard to fill up, and just watching videos will boost your currency as well. And if you’re playing with friends, check out the Arena for other challenges. Overall, Angry Birds 2 is a major improvement over the classic and will have you playing again and again. This one’s a winner.

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