If you are looking for something to pass the time, then why not solve jigsaw puzzles? Everyday Jigsaw is a great way for you to beat the influx of boredom.

Unlike boring puzzle games, Everyday Jigsaw lives up to its name and provides you with a different jigsaw puzzle every single day. Choose from a host of puzzle games to figure out or even make a puzzle piece out of an image you have on your computer.

The game is the perfect escape for those who love brain teasing games and have plenty of time on their hands. Moreover, the game is easy to use since controls are pretty basic. It also provides a very smooth gameplay. Every day, our brain needs a good workout. If you are looking for a way to keep your puzzle skills sharp then playing a jigsaw puzzle can definitely help. Once you open up the game, you will be greeted with a colorful screen where you are presented with different types of puzzles. The game incorporates a “calendar” option which helps you to set a puzzle for each day you want to play. All you really need to do is have fun figuring out where each piece goes. The game can also assist you in creating a jigsaw puzzle out of family pictures, portraits, drawings and other images. You can also modify the existing puzzles by adding to the number of pieces, choosing the cut out type and rotating the pieces.

Every day, there are several puzzles added to the database and they are labeled as “new” so you can check them out. Essentially, you won’t have trouble looking for a puzzle you haven’t tried since the game currently features more than 3700 jigsaw puzzles in its system. These puzzles will definitely make a run for your time and give you lots of fun when trying to solve them.

Of course, if you find yourself in a bind, there is the handy “hint” button as well as a guide that gives you a ghost image of the piece to help you solve the puzzle much faster.

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