The Sims Mobile was designed by EA to approximate the PC experience and it is close. If you have played the Sims this will be a welcome addition to your collection, and if not, it is a good introduction to the game. The mobile version differs from the desktop, but it is still immersive, with the focus on the stories the Sims convey.

When the game starts you will be given the chance to create a Sim, and here you will see its high level of customization. As the game begins, there is a tutorial that explains how the game is played, and that means tap and swipe through the menus and dialog boxes like a typical Sims game.

Your Sim story unfolds based on the carer choice made. Once you pick barista from the options, you will see scenes that track their career progression. As your character levels up, the number of cut scenes and options expand.

This applies not just to career but also relationships too. The advances you make also increases the number of items you can buy for your home. The more you play the more activities you will also be able to engage in as well.

Everything sounds simple enough, but that is part of the appeal of the Sims. There are timers for the activities your Sim performs, but there are activities that reduce the timer. In addition, there are items in your home that builds up your energy so you can keep playing. In other words, expect to play this game for a long time.

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