Digital Melody has released a number of unique and addictive games, and Masky is one of their best offerings. The goal is to gather as many masks as you can without losing balance. To do this, you move left or right of the screen and join arms with the masked person. It sounds like a piece of cake, but it isn’t.

There is a meter atop your screen which displays your balance. As you move, the dial moves from one color zone to another. There are three colors (green, center, orange and the outermost red). You move left or right by tapping the screen or using a keyboard to nudge over to either side.

If you veer too far from green it means you’re losing stability. Fall in the red zone and you have to start over. Another challenge is as you link arms with the person and collect their mask, the weight is increased on that side. Each collected mask produces an effect that may improve – or worsen – your balance.

There are 3 body types to choose from, small and short, large and heavy and tall and thin. You have to experiment and find the right one you. Once you have gathered a certain number of masks, you will proceed to the next level and unlock more masks.

The gameplay aside, it’s the art and atmosphere of Masky that draws you in. The artwork has the childish, abstract style that blends in nicely with the color palette. Add the music and you’ve got a winning game.

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