TAB aka TabInStereo states that his album Brink is a compendium of songs that related to different phases in his life. And if you listen to the songs in this album it’s clear from the tone and themes that it is introspective in nature. The songs don’t just focus on the past though, as it touches on the present as well. For casual listeners there’s a lot to savor here as well.

There are many labels we can attach to Rules2LoseBy but the most appropriate would be cool, chill or something similar. This is chill out, laid back hip hop at its finest. The smooth vocals, the arrangement and the sax play off each other perfectly. LastTrain follows, an atmospheric, track that can speak to you at multiple levels. On the surface it’s a a smooth and trippy hip hop tune about going home. But you can also interpret the lyrics as about someone who has fallen off and is trying to get back up.

Fences has a silky R&B groove you can slow dance to or just lay back and relax with. Lyrically the song is about relationships and all the emotional conflicts we go through. TheOdds is a straightforward number with lines like Stop talkin about it / just do what you do . The vocals are the highlight here and is the perfect segue to MadeFor. This track features Ren Thomas and he complements TAB just right.

CornerPockets is about making it, something artists and everyone can get behind, and it’s encased in smooth, groovy hip hop, and the same can be said of Champagne . Thematically the song continues in the vein of survival and making it through life’s challenges, and is a fitting conclusion to this album.

Favorite Tracks

Track List
1. Rules2LoseBy 3:07
2 LastTrain 3:57
3. Fences 5:55
4. TheOdds 3:04
5. MadeFor feat. Ren Thomas 4:06
6. CornerPockets 3:05
7. Champagne 3:10

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