Comfort Fit, from Berlin, Germany, is an electronic artist who makes a special kind of music that takes his listeners on “long and exciting journeys”. And to do this, he believes that creating easy, conventional electronica is far from enough. The artist’s adventurous debut record Forget and Remember, being a manifestation of this belief, introduces us to Comfort Fit’s versatility and his penchant to play around with multiple styles.

Forget and Remember is essentially a blend of early Detroit-techno and contemporary electronic music, but the album also ventures into jazz and hip-hop. Quite interestingly, three tracks into the record Comfort Fit gives us a full fledged rap song (Freeze the Cut), which serves as a testament to his versatility. The overall production on each track is slick and minimalist, often featuring syncopated rhythms. While the Juan Atkins influence lingers throughout the length of the album, there are also moments when the style of DJ Shadow is brought to mind. The front-seat, however, remains occupied by the artist’s constant and impulsive genre-jumping. We see him effortlessly switch from slow, atmospheric pieces (Planetary Picnick) to hard and heavy hip-hop (She Knows Me Know) to funky dancefloor jams (True Form), till we’re fully convinced by the end that he is far from an ordinary producer; he is a musical chameleon.

Track List
1. Can I Help U
2. Planetary Picknick
3. Sorry
4. Freeze The Cut feat. Blaktroniks
5. Take A Look
6. True Form
7. Thursday Is Thursty
8. Whenever You Wanna Call Me
9. As Pure As Possible
10. She Knows Me Know feat. Mercury Waters
11. Remember Something I Forgot
12. Don’t Show This Message Again
13. Kurz Vor Danach Ganz ’05
14. Emotional Draft
15. Hairy Crushed Nuts
16. The Hunt
17. Something To Do feat. Blaktroniks
18. Go On, Take It Further
19. Swabian Sound System
20. Miles Of Smiles

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