EasyFind is a free application that you can use to search for folders and files in your Mac. Created by Devon Technologies, it is one of the easiest search tools for the Mac available today, but its simplicity masks the power that the program has. While there are a lot of options here, the interface makes them easy to figure out.

At the left side of the interface you will see the criteria available for searching: File Contents, Only Folders, Only Files, and Files and Folders. Now you have to select Unix-Wildcards, phrase or any word, and you ask EasyFind to make it a case sensitive search if you want.


EasyFind also lets you determine how wide the search will be on the disk. The program also provides you with more options without having to use long keywords. Most importantly, it finds what you are looking for quickly. You can also search by filename, date, creation date and modification. But if you want to simplify the search you can turn off those advanced options too.

The developer has also paid a lot of attention to the way that the program works, as even the most intensive searches are more like a breeze. In short, EasyFind is an application that actually finds what you want and fast. If you have a lot of files on your Mac and constantly searching for them, you may want to download EasyFind and make your life easier. The program may be free, but it is more powerful than other commercial software out there.

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