IMDb is an app that needs no introduction at all, so without any introduction let us have a little chat about it. The brand itself has a huge following already and their app has to live upto certain expectations from their loyalist.

Developed by IMDb themselves, the quality of the app is guaranteed and so is the information provided through it. The app is very useful and keeps viewers updated about a host of happening such as movie showtimes, TV listings, trailers and much more.

IMDb has a database of over a whooping 1.5 million movie and TV titles with over and above 3.2 million celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and related crew members. Through this, users can search for their favorite related content and get results in a jiffy without breaking a sweat.

Moreover, users also have the ability to rate various movies and TV shows according to their likes and dislikes. To-do all this, only an IMDb account is required or simply just connect with Facebook. The buck does not end here, users can also watch movie trailers, view user reviews for various movie and TV shows, critic reviews for movies and TV shows. The app also packs-in fun stuff, such as quotes, trivia and goofs pertaining to movies and celebrities.

The app should provide a lot of relief to the more impulsive movie watcher, as it provides complete updated details about movie showtimes at the local theater, DVD and Blu-ray titles by scanning barcodes, recaps of TV shows, upcoming movies, local zone TV listings. It surely looks rock solid and packs-in a lot of punch.

Overall this is one handsome app and every Movie or TV show buff should honor it with a permanent place in their app drawer. Very well integrated and updates are real-time without any error. Thumbs up to the developer for such a high-quality app for free.

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