We’re not really critical of people who aren’t afraid to get mushy, as long as they can back it up with a riveting playlist.

One good suggestion is the newest release by Ontario-based band Snow Mantled Love, entitled conversations. Labelled as “bedroom pop” (drowsy and introspective at that), the 8-track EP is the unofficial companion soundtrack to that bittersweet YA novel you’ve just read.

Drift Down” the collection with the guitar-driven first track of the same name, whose haunting vocals and swaying harmonies tread along the lines of Metric and A Fine Frenzy. “Familiar Ground” is more ‘indie’-sounding, and might just render your heart aching (or soaring, depending on your conviction).

Stripped back to basics is “The Bear“, another superb tune that pushes Danielle Fricke’s vocals into the spotlight for our ears to enjoy as well. If not, there’s the 10 minute-long “Dream Talk” to do the trick.

Undoubtedly summoning the sensibility that we’ve always adored about this brand of indie pop, ‘conversations’ should be the guilty pleasure you’re looking for.

Track listing:
1. Drift Down
2. Familiar Ground
3. The Bear
4. Push Forward
5. Dream Talk
6. Ill
7. All In The Name Of Good Dancing
8. Chairs

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