Here’s a new bunch that promises to get under your ‘SKINN.

Led by Kimmii Adorea Heart on vocals, seasoned band Reality Suite stuns in their full-length release, “SKINN,” which culls the brand of rock by recent acts Orianthi, Halestorm, and I dare say, THE Courtney Love.

The 10-track banger opens the way a good album should in “Wingman:” muscular rhythms and beats courtesy of the boys (Joe Padula, guitars; Brian King, drums and synths; Antonio Valenti, bass and vocals), and vocal work fronted by Kimmii’s “strong girl” chops.

The band changes tempo come “Conspire,” a kiss-off slow rock anthem, and even the emotionally superb “The Red Lights,” but quickly returns to action with my personal favorite, “Vegas Holiday,” signaling the set’s second¬†act.

Sinking In” (reminiscent of early Fefe Dobson) gives us the idea¬†that these guys aren’t slowing down ’til the end. True enough, “Save My Life” seals the deal, and might just provoke you to buying this impressive record even when its legitimately free.

Track list:
1. Wingman
2. Die Dreaming
4. Conspire
5. Vegas Holiday
6. Manchester (feat. David Marcus)
7. Playing With Fire
8. Sinking In
9. The Red Lights
10. Save My Life

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