K. Sparks has made quite a positive reputation among the hip-hop enthusiasts in the FrostClick community. Early last year, his previous work “Definition” received such a warm response that translated to 25,000 downloads within days from the launching date. Needless to say that his supporters have been waiting for his latest work, THE TRILOGY CHAPTER 1: THE COLLABS. K. Sparks has teamed up with DJ Booth.net and Mixtape Assassin for this brilliant work.

This album is the kind that you play on mornings when you just couldn’t drag yourself out of bed. It wakes you up, taps into your rhythm and gets you all ready and psyched for another busy day. My personal favorite in this album is Track 10, Relationships featuring Teau Johnson (neatly produced by DJ Bobby Bob).

There is absolutely nothing to trash in “Chapter 1.” If you are into hip hop and rap, this album delivers the real deal. On the other hand, if you are just discovering the beat of rap, “Chapter 1” is a very good start. Enjoy the music. Chapter 2 will be presented by Kevin Nottingham, and the final installment will be presented by YnotMydream, AshleyOutrageous, and ReUp Spot.

If you like this compilation, you should check out K.Sparks’ collaboration album with Angelous, “Queens vs Brooklyn.” You might also like K. Sparks’ “Super Senior” release.

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