Music for the Weird Clerkfish is a diverse collection of generally light and funky lounge music from various international artists. Mixgalaxy Records brought together brilliant acts for this compilation: IMDB listed old-school hip-hop artist Brandon K. Montoya aka Coruscate, Bear & Lampshade, Brazilian pop-singer Yokandesh, vocalist Gizella from the UK and Spanish multi-instrumentalist Raul Diaz Palomar aka Taker 51.

This compilation is a well-balanced mix of ambient, hip-hop, lounge, smooth jazz, electronica, and upbeat danceable music that is perfect for a casual laid back mood.

My favorite tracks in this collection are Bear and Lampshade’s “Overexposure to Mars Ponies,” Staggerman’s “If Only” (feat. Gizella), and VAD’s Zarya. All three have a captivating melody that soothes you and takes you outside the busy realm of ordinary life for a moment.

There are sixteen tracks in the compilation and there is no serious slip up as far as inclusion is concerned. There is at least a couple of tracks for everyone’s specific taste in music and the whole “mixtape” idea just works for different folks, whether for a long joyride or a chillout ambience. I would recommend this compilation to friends who are in constant search of that different sound that is essentially a product of many elements in different kinds of music. After all, nothing can really go wrong when you’ve got good melody and soothing vocals. Music For The Weird Clerkfish has both and more.

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