Glacial Series by Karbidangeln Mit Aurica is a combination of creatively powerful beats and soothing vocals. All of the tracks in Glacial Series were written and produced by Berlin-based Aurica Kurtuschin, who also lent her beautiful voice to complete this collection.

Aurica’s netlabel Electrolyt describes the album tracks as, “the finest living room electronica with elements of synth pop, drone and industrial, as well as ambient, post-punk and experimental.”

If things were up to me, I wouldn’t have chosen to add the vocals because the purity of the music is already great entertainment. But then the vocals weren’t bad at all, in fact it created a whole new level of texture and emotions for the EP.

Karbidangeln Mit Aurica’s previous works were included in In This World and Hypotenuse, released on the Berlin elektro label Das Drehmoment.

There are seven tracks in this EP, all previously unreleased. My favorites are Raindrops and For Nothing. Raindrops is the perfect background music for my writing and research projects; its melody is light and meditative. For Nothing is melancholic and rather heavy, but at the same time beautiful and engaging. Aurica’s music is rather reserved but at the same time playful and forceful. Those who enjoy electronic ambient music will like Glacial Series. Download and give it a listen, it is certainly worth your time.

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