Bubble Mania

Bubble Mania is a game for kids, the young at heart and anyone who wants some fun. Created by Team Lava, it is a bubble puzzle adventure game. Players hurl bubbles in the air and match them up with bubbles of a similar color. To move on you have to clear the screen and release the creatures trapped inside the bubbles. Anyone whoís played bubble puzzle games will feel right at home here. Even if you havenít played any color matching games before, it wonít be long before you get accustomed to the gameplay.

Auto Schedule SMS

If you send and get a lot of SMS messages, you know how cluttered they can get in a hurry. Auto Schedule SMS can solve that problem for you. Created by Tonee Mobile Software Development, the app arranges messages and automatically sends SMS text out. If you are going on a vacation, you can have the app send a message to notify your friends. The app has other uses. You can set it up to automatically relay birthday greetings, anniversary congratulations, well wishes etc. An executive can do the same with business appointments and schedules. Auto Schedule SMS has an easy to understand interface so youíll get the hang of it quickly.


AssaultCube is a free first person shooter multiplayer game. Produced by Rapid Viper Productions, it is based on the CUBE engine. Anyone who has ever played Quake or Counterstrike will feel right at home here. The game takes place in realistic settings, but the action remains fast and furious. The game has single player and multiplayer modes, but clearly multiplayer is its strong suit. In single player mode you get to play in 26 maps against the computer. There are various difficulty settings to choose from. Playing in single player is a good way to hone your skills and get familiar with the maps.


Seamless3D is 3D modeling and animation software. Just like other 3D programs, it takes time to get familiar with the interface. But if you are serious about making 3D models and animation, this is a good choice. There are many features in the program so it can be used as an animator or mesh editor. But it is best known for its build node technology. In simple terms, the software allows you to do 3D operations in real time.

Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village is the official game tie-in for Ice Age. Created by top developer Gameloft, it is an adventure game for everyone. While primarily designed to promote Ice Age, itís actually pretty cool. The game takes place at the onset of the Ice Age (keeping in line with the films). This leads to the breakup of the continent of Pangaea. This situation means you have to find new homes for the characters (the same as those in the films).


Gramps is one of the most popular genealogy software around, with good reasons. Itís free, and there are many advanced features that are comparable to those of paid genealogy apps. Simply put, the software is a great way to collectively store family history. The programís strength lies in its ability to let you enter numerous details about a personís life. Gramps allows you to record a personís relationship with regards to events, places and people. All the information you enter is searchable and always well arranged.

Bos Wars

Bos Wars is a free real time strategy game (RTS) set in the future. This fast paced RTS game has you creating a war economy while battling enemies all around. Unlike turn based strategy games, the events take place in real time. You donít have to wait your turn, but then neither do your enemies. This will keep players on their toes. The game is challenging but not frustrating. The key to success is creating an army to attack your foes. At the same time, your army must be able to defend your plants needed to power the economy.


TextWrangler is a free professional HTML and text editor from Bare Bones, and it is certainly no Notepad. It is a very powerful program that can make your work a lot easier. Its search and replace feature allows you for instance, to change a list consisting of last name, first name to first name, last name, among many. TextWrangler can also read corrupted word processing files. The application also has a state saving feature. All open documents are automatically saved when you exit the program, a great one for those who forget to save their work. The software also has full screen view support.