The Internet is home to millions of recipes. But it’s a pain to save each one and print them out. Pepperplate Cooking Planner allows you to make an electronic cookbook. Created by Pepperplate Inc, it helps you arrange recipes. The app is like a complete meal planner.

The app can link to several recipe websites. You can create an account on their website so all the recipes are synchronized. IPad users can attach tags to recipes, useful when your collection grows. There are a lot of features in the app. But you can think of it as a meal planner, food shopping guide and recipe organizer. Pepperplate Cooking Planner makes it easy to sort and search recipes you made.


Creating recipes is a no-brainer; there are fields for the recipe title, cooking / preparation time, ingredients and yield. Enter the correct information. You can print a shopping list from recipes you make. Items you have bought can be removed.

All ingredients can be sorted by their place in the grocery or by category. The app is intelligent enough to store items in their proper category, (i.e., seafood, spices etc). Its smart categorization makes it easy to create shopping lists. If Pepperplate doesn’t recognize the item, it will be placed in the “unsorted” category. You can then put it in its right place. Note that there is no limit to the number of categories you can make.

Pepperplate Cooking Planner has a calendar so you can prepare meals in advance. Adding and deleting entries is easy. One drawback is you can’t edit items you have entered. You can share recipes via Twitter or Facebook. The app allows you to sync contents with the iPad, iPhone and the iPod.
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