Created by Lucky Games, Archer brings the excitement of archery into your Windows Phone. If you have never tried archery before, the sport probably doesnít seem much. Itís actually thrilling and Lucky Games has done a good job bringing it to life. The basic gameplay of course, has you shooting arrows with a bow. Itís quite challenging (and fun) to try and hit the targets. Your goal is to score as many points as possible under 20 seconds. If you hit the bullís eye, you will get extra time.

Notational Velocity

Notational Velocity is a note taking app. There are plenty of these for the Mac, but this note taker has got a lot of positive features. Aside from is syncing capability, Notational Velocity is also very simple to use. Created by Zachary Schneirov, it is one of the most popular open source programs for the Mac OS.


Zotero is open source software for academic research. It is primarily aimed at professionals and students. But anyone who has to do research will find the program handy. Zotero gathers your materials in one place which you can then search and edit. The software is developed by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. The software allows you to add webpage snapshots, videos, images, audio files, PDFs and other files.

Do Not Track Plus for Firefox

Do Not Track Plus (DNT+) is a browser add-on. The fact is that social networks and ad companies monitor what you are doing on the Internet; where you go, for how long and how often. With DNT+, you are protected and can browse in private. Created by Abine the Online Privacy Company, DNT+ blocks any tracking software or method used without affecting websites or the way you surf. The utility was originally designed for Firefox, but it now supports Google Chrome, IE and Safari. An Opera version is now being developed.

Flow Free

Big Duck Games LLCís Flow Free is a game with a simple premise: join the corresponding colors to create a flowing pipe. To win, a player has to cover the whole board and match all the colors. This isnít as easy as it sounds because the pipes are going to snap if they overlap. The nature of the game makes it challenging and addictive. For a free game, it packs a lot of features. There are three hundred levels at Free Play mode, Jumbo and Classic packs and ten board types.


Biogenesis is educational software that simulates the processes that take place in the natural evolution of unicellular organisms. It is educational but can also be viewed as an entertainment program. With Biogenesis you will learn important facts about biology. You will learn and see the microscopic world Ė how organisms reproduce, collide and travel. Although scientific in nature, it is simple to use and can be fun. You donít need to be a geek to enjoy or use it.