Edgar Allan Poe’s Complete Poetical Works

Haven't decided what to read today? Why not checking out one of the most critically acclaimed writer, Edgar Allan Poe. Born January 19, 1809, Poe has played a considerable part in the American Romantic Movement. An author, poet, editor and literary critic, he was best known for his stories of macabre and mystery. Edgar Allan Poe's Complete Poetical Works was made possible with the help of John H. Ingram when he decided to present to society, for the first time, all the printed and unprinted poems of the brilliant author. This produced a showcase of Poe's poetical prowess, proving his stand in the world of literature.

Flagfall: Basement Demos

There's an inevitable initial frisson after listening to Flagfall's first ever release entitled Basement Demos. This fresh five-piece band from Sydney is composed of Nishan David, Andrew West, Andrew Court, James Kelly and Ross Courtney. Produced and written by the band, their new EP offers six hip-infused hits created in only five days. It's recorded and mixed by James Kelly at IMS and mastered by Andrew Edgson at Studios 301.

JoJo: Can’t Take That Away From Me

The once young JoJo is now a woman and she proves it in her beautifully composed and executed album, Can’t Take That Away From Me. Exclusively released last September 2010 to, this free mixtape is a prelude to the singer’s third album formerly entitled All I Want Is Everything. The said album was then released as Jumping Trains under BlackGround records due to a misunderstanding with the songbird’s former record label.

Oh!Hello: Spooky

Oh!Hello's follow-up to their delightful EP Beachy, is a curious thing. Originally a solo project, this Portland, Oregon band is composed of frontman Michael Todd Berland, Jordan Strickland and Nate Morse. They have already collaborated with other NW bands such as Grifflin Taylor (Faire du Surf) and Ed Hanson (Greate Horned Owl). Their latest set Spooky is a seven-track album released last October 27 and recorded under Vampire Factory.

Say Goodbye Isabell

Say Goodbye Isabell reminds me of a poem brought to life with the help of moving images. This six-minute short film by Natalie Figueroa under Ofokus Frilans Film-Produktion is a Swedish indie drama with some gorgeous experimental elements. It tells the story of a paralyzed girl trapped in her own makeshift world, dying without even knowing how to live. The film is artistic and strangely hypnotic with scenes transporting you to a lucid dream where nature and glares of sunlight blur the eyes. The sequences are brilliantly transitioned, at one point you find yourself floating over rolling greens and then you are brought back to the cruel sadistic reality.

Snowmine: Laminate Pet Animal

Seldom do you encounter a band that has a distinct music palette, but Snowmine delivers more than that. Released last May 3, Laminate Pet Animal is made up of nine genre-bending tracks that live up to the band's eclectic music. Hailing from Brooklyn, the five piece collective composed of Grayson Sanders, Austin Mendenhall, Alex Beckmann, Jay Goodman and Calvin Pia have captured the attention of culture bloggers with their beautifully-arranged music. The kind of music that reminds you of The Smiths and the Yeasayer.

The Revolution Will Be Animated

The Revolution Will Be Animated is a twenty-minute documentary created by Marie Lormant Sebag that presents multiple viewpoints on the concept of copyright laws and free culture. It focuses on Nina Paley, the creator of the animated film Sita Sings the Blues which is available for free download. The film captures well-selected footages of Paley while talking about the copyright problems that she had encountered while creating the said film. These experiences lead to her new advocacy of allowing free content dissemination to the public domain.

The Dimes: The King Can Drink The Harbour Dry

The Dimes have revamped boring history classes into a pristine musical collection. Composed of Johnny Clay, Pierre Kaiser, Kelly Masigat, Ryan Johnston, Tucker Jackson, Anthony Powell and Matt Farina, this American folk-pop collective from Portland, Oregon has been likened to the old country charm and sixties pop sensibility. After their debut album Silent Generation which is based on old newspaper articles, The King Can Drink The Harbour Dry is another literary experimentation that offers a steady doze of early Boston history.

En Agosto (In August)

En Agosto (In August) is a 15 minute short film by Día-Fragma, Fabríca de Películas in asssociaton with Oruga Animations Studios. Released in 2008, this skillfully done in 2D and 3D animation drama had already garnered recognition from renowned film festivals including the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films. Written and directed by Andrés Barrientos and Carlos Andrés Reyes, the film tells the story of a city transformed by a great flood. A young shaman woman from the future senses a powerful premonition while an old man in the present time awaits the end of the world on a day prophesized by his deceased wife. Though vastly apart by time, the two characters are united by a single vision and reality.