En Agosto (In August) is a 15 minute short film by Día-Fragma, Fabríca de Películas in asssociaton with Oruga Animations Studios. Released in 2008, this skillfully done in 2D and 3D animation drama had already garnered recognition from renowned film festivals including the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films.

Written and directed by Andrés Barrientos and Carlos Andrés Reyes, the film tells the story of a city transformed by a great flood. A young shaman woman from the future senses a powerful premonition while an old man in the present time awaits the end of the world on a day prophesized by his deceased wife. Though vastly apart by time, the two characters are united by a single vision and reality.

Dark and melancholic are the words that bests describe En Agosto. It’s an elaborate film that delves on the realm of memories and the inevitable events. The addition of a magical shaman transforms the film into a complex world where the present is intertwined with the past and the future.

Overall it is a gorgeous film indeed, one that took almost two years in the making. The delicately colored visual palette of the city sets a dark and eerie vibe. Intricate details such as the fluttering curtains in the open window scene are well present throughout. The transitions are also flawless, whether it’s the old man’s recollection of his wife or the flooded city of the future.

I personally enjoyed the subtle, silent scenes where the anticipation builds up. The short dialogues are just right to shed light to the viewer, but not to force the whole story.

En Agosto is a dramatic and breathtaking film that reminds us of the captivating art of animation. So put your feet up, press play and enjoy this little gem (available for a download on the Vimeo page).

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