Saint Bernard: The Spirit of the Stairs

A quick Google search about Saint Bernard (the band) and you'll most likely not end up with much useful information. It's too bad since it would be nice to find out more about them and their sound. Despite the lack of info, their music is enough of a treat for those who take a listen. The Spirit of the Stairs is a lovely collection of indie pop rock tracks. There are 10 songs you can enjoy and each one is accompanied with a lovely acoustic vibe. Perfect for quiet mornings or if you're feeling a bit reflective; it's easy to pop on the album and simply let the melodies take you away.

Stadtmusikantin und Sterntaler (Traveler’s Diary): The Traveler and The King

Don't be fooled by the long and complicated looking name, The Traveler and The King is actually a pretty lovely record for many jazz alternative folk lovers out there. Originally calling themselves, Stadtmusikantin und Sterntaler, the band now goes by the easier to pronounce name, Traveler's Diary. This is a debut record for the band. It was released in BandCamp on December 2010 and features a whole range of sounds. You can expect some acoustic percussions, a slight touch of prog, jazz and even folk sprinkled on here.

Flights: Anywhere But Where I Am

If you're expecting some alternative punk duo to greet you when you listen to this record, then think again. What you'll find instead is a gorgeous blend of ethereal, folky indie pop sound that, well, sounds great as in-flight music. The band is actually made up of duo Eric Hillman and Brian Holl. Gathering influences from bands like Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, Bon Iver, Bjork and Aqualung; the duo echoes off the same laid-back, melodic and sometimes eclectic indie folk as their influences. Anywhere But Where I Am comes with 13 tracks and was released over at BandCamp on New Years Day 2012.

Night Reports: You’re All Out

Another band that you wouldn't think is composed of only two people at the helm; Night Reports create beautiful indie rock music with a touch of soul. Long time friends, Derrick Brown and Beau Jennings, have both collaborated in various projects before. However, they've never tackled anything similar to Night Reports. Although the collaboration started out slowly, with both of them passing MP3s and recorded files via email and voice message; they eventually compiled what has become You're All Out. The record is a concept album of sorts, as it revolves around an athlete who is down in the dumps and living (and reliving) his life in his glory days.

Thefft: The Primer EP

The newest release from ambient electronic netlabel, Cut Records, is from Thefft. It seems the artist has been brewing underground for awhile and now he's ready to show off his skills with his EP, The Primer. Much of the hype is warranted though as the album skillfully intertwines beats, bass and synths to create a delightful fusion fit for some good old dancing in a bar or club. The man behind all the glorious beats is Jack Robertson aka. Thefft. Although he's not a full newcomer, he's definitely making the rounds this time and causing a stir. Born in London, he's currently based in New York, creating and producing sonic tracks that are worthy of a listen.

Immortal Beats: Sample Your Mind EP

This isn't just the latest compilation from Immortal Beats, it is a compilation that certainly deserves a listen. Sample Your Mind is a 14-track record that combines easy-listening R&B with some smooth vocal samples. Released back in 2010, the album is perfect for those comfy and relaxing nights where you just want to sit back, drink a glass of bubbly with your partner and enjoy the evening. Released back in 2010, the album is perfect for those comfy and relaxing nights where you just want to sit back, drink a glass of bubbly with your partner and enjoy the evening. Immortal Beats is a German producer that definitely knows his way around smooth and ready-to-mingle beats. He has released 5 records so far and each one of them merits a listen. However, if you want something to get you started, Sample Your Mind is a good place to start.

Great Skies: [shhht_12]

If you stumbled across Great Skies' Summer Moments EP here in Frostclick and enjoyed it, then you might have a blast with this latest release from the artist. [shhht_12] (yes, that's the title) is a 4-track compilation that's filled with great electronic ambient tracks masterfully crafted by London producer, Matthew Wells aka Great Skies. This 20 year old has been crafting great ambient downtempo sounds fit for a relaxing little getaway. It's moody, atmospheric and definitely a great listen whether you're looking for a new artist to love or you just want something to serve as background for your moody afternoon.