A quick Google search about Saint Bernard (the band) and you’ll most likely end up with not much of useful information. It’s too bad since it would be nice to find out more about them and their sound.

Despite the lack of info, their music is enough of a treat for those who take a chance. The Spirit of the Stairs is a lovely collection of indie pop rock tracks. There are 10 songs you can enjoy and each one is accompanied with a lovely acoustic vibe.

Perfect for quiet mornings or if you’re feeling a bit reflective; it’s easy to pop on the album and simply let the melodies take you away.

The Spirit of the Stairs opens slowly with Montauk. It’s the perfect mood setter, incorporating acoustic guitars with quiet, melodic vocals. You can imagine the song as a soundtrack to your dreary days. It’s also the perfect company to a reflective morning along with hot cocoa or coffee and lots of relaxing time.

Je t’aime, Je t’aime is another acoustic track that incorporates unusual stringed instruments like the mandolin and ukulele; adding an exotic touch to the song. Plus, the lyrics seem sincere and relatable for anybody who has ever mourned over past relationships. Meanwhile, MDC and Somtimes are two of the more uptempo tracks on the record. Although they still exude that characteristic laid-back vibe, they feature a more poppy indie rock sound overall.

The album is  nice indie gem to check out. It’s too bad there’s very little information about the group out there but their sound alone speaks for them. If you love indie acoustic pop rock, you can’t go wrong with this one. Grab the download at a pay-what-you-want basis over at BandCamp or you can also opt to buy it from Amazon and help out the band.

Saint Bernard is made up of Kevin Murray: Vocals/Piano (on Je t’aime, Je t’aime)/Mandolin/Ukulele; Ian Craig: Bass/ Piano; James Gogolski: Drums/ Percussion and Eric French: Sound Engineer/ Lead Guitar.

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