Smooth jazzy trip hop at its finest, Dusted Jazz Volume One is a compilation of 5-tracks created by LA based trip-hop artist, Jenova 7. Combining a laid-back jazz tone with some gorgeous beats, you’re bound to enjoy at least one track from this eclectic piece.

Dusted Jazz Volume One is released under Dusted Wax Kingdom Label and came out back in October 2011. It served as a bridge for Jenova 7’s debut record, Soul For Sale, which is available for download here and his The Sounds of Sector 7  album.

The entire EP was recorded and mastered in just one month. However, despite the short time; it’s a compilation that echoes with great cohesion with the songs seamlessly flowing into each other. Starting with Dark Water Jazz, the track begins with moody lounge pianos on top of what sounds like radio vinyl skipping static. The song progresses into a darker cut, adorned with heavy bass and beats.

Following closely is, Dusted Wax which is accompanied with a slightly slower tempo, quiet hi-hats and expertly placed vocal samples. Meanwhile, other tracks like, A Touch of Evil, lives up to its title, giving off that subtle hint of some dark, ominous presence hovering over the beats. It’s a nice, moody cut worth checking out. Finally, the album finishes with, Life Is Just a Ride, which features a sample of comedian, Bill Hicks, in one of his shows.

Dusted Jazz Volume One is a neat compilation that should fit right into your electro triphop favorites. You can download this over at BandCamp. Also make sure to check out the two videos included.

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