Daniel and the Lions: Kowalskiy’s Free Monthly Scottish EP #13

Kowalskiy is an independent Scottish music blog that specializes in compiling free music and releasing them into free EPs. The name is derived from the infamous character played by Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, a 1947 film about culture clashes. As its name suggest, EP#13, is the 13th EP released from the music blog. It gathers 5 tracks from different, very talented local artists. Exploring different genres, the short EP features songs that range from alternative grunge to indie pop and even a Scottish acoustic folk track. It's a great vehicle to discover new sound and the best part is that it's offered absolutely free.

Modifythevan: Welcome to Modifythevan

Released about two years ago, Welcome to Modifythevan is still a great compilation folk pop lovers will enjoy. Judging from the great roster this creative commons netlabel supports, you're bound to enjoy something from this record. The label is owned by Robin Grey, who has been featured in our Frostclick blog for his other effort, I Love Leonard Cohen. Composed of several artists and their music; this special album takes 10 tracks from Ben Oliver, Blue Swerver, Johnny Berliner, Madelaine Hart and Richard Godwin, in addition to Grey. The album creates a beautiful mix of folk pop, melodic music you'll love to have running on your player.

Young & Research II: Tough Love Sampler

Young & Research II gives you a great teaser on what to expect from the more than 5 year old record label, Tough Love. The compilation takes 13 tracks from the London-based label and compiles them to create one amazing record. It's been an exciting year for the label so far, they managed to release two of their first full LPs from Girls Names and Cymbals. They also gathered up an awesome set of tracks for Young & Research II. Most of the songs featured in the album include exclusives as well as brand new recordings from various artists. You'll find plenty of great new bands to like in this one.

Adult Swim: Singles

We all know or at least heard of Adult Swim as adult-oriented cable television that shares air time with Cartoon Network; not everyone, however, knows them for releasing some sweet free music. As part of their more recent projects, Adult Swim has decided to put together a compilation, 8 singles over 8 weeks that would blend together some great artists from genres as diverse as folk, pop, hip-hop, metal, and a touch of electronica.

William Nein: Homeless

Although he may not be a household name yet, William Nein has already managed to release six records under his belt. Every single one is available as a free download including this 2010 acoustic delight, Homeless. Nein is a London, UK based musician who likes to frequent upstate New York. His songs are evocative of fleeting emotions; beautifully capturing something that is slowly slipping away whether it's a person, thing, or emotion. Armed with an acoustic guitar and some crazy oft-melodic-yet-sometimes-high-pitched-singing; this is certainly an interesting record to check out.

The Novel Ideas: Summer Demos

Summer Demos is a fun filled collection of four tracks that serve as a little introduction to the forthcoming, and third in line, full length record from The Novel Ideas. The band, which hails from the not-so-distant suburbs of Newton, MA, play what is often described as a "rock-folk-romantic-pop" music full of gorgeous acoustic guitar and enchanting vocals. And with the songs talking about "books, girls, summertime, and the ambiguous hours between night and morning", this short yet sweet EP will certainly brighten up your day.

These Animals: These Animals EP

New York has always been home to some of the most interesting musicians and These Animals is one four-piece crew that you can easily add to this roster. The boys have just released their self-titled EP showcasing their brand of hipster style pop dance rock, and together with their previous album, Souvenir Sessions, made all of this musical goodness available as a free download through FrostWire. These Animals met in art school and decided to get together to form the band in 2010. Creating 60s style dance pop music, they showcase their various influences through their energetic sound and performances.

Eastern Phoebes: Wampum

Wampun is the debut album of indie folk pop duo Eastern Phoebes. Made up of Ry Smith and Meg Bayley, the power couple formed back in January 2010. They started out with Ry recording songs he wrote and asked Meg to "sing and clap on a bunch of tunes." From them on, they have been unstoppable; recording and releasing several EPs, like Rods of Energy, as well as this full length record in just a year. Wampum is their official debut and carries 10 heartfelt, catchy indie pop tracks that will surely become a soundtrack to your warm and lazy summer afternoons. The album was also the band's official entry into the RPM Challenge.

Silverpennies: Come On Villains

Another great album from Sweden? Sure, why not. Meet Silverpennies. Following their previous two successful releases, the trio (Adam Leslie Jonsson, Anders Ludwigsson, and Oskar Eriksson) bring us their most recent EP Come On Villains. Filled with beautiful melodies, lovely piano, great vocals worthy of a radio hit, and lyrics that will make you sing along as you go about your day, the EP is a nice, and free, little treat from across the continent.