Kowalskiy is an independent Scottish music blog that specializes in compiling free music and releasing them in form of free EPs. The name is derived from the infamous character played by Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, a 1947 film about culture clashes.

Exploring different genres, the short EP features songs that range from alternative grunge to indie pop and even a Scottish acoustic folk track. It’s a great vehicle to discover new sound and the best part is that it’s offered absolutely free.

As its name suggest, EP#13, is the 13th EP released from the music blog. It gathers 5 tracks from different, very talented local artists.

Run by David, the goal of the site is to promote the many facets of the Scottish music and entertainment scene. Each month, readers are treated to a compilation of the country’s best up-and-coming bands. The latest one to come out of the presses is EP#13.

Among the bands featured in this recording is Echo Arcadia, a 5 piece indie pop group hailing from Edinburgh. They get the opening spot for this EP with their room demo, Lucinda. To quote Leigh Moyes from the band, Lucinda is a song “about the moment I realised that I didn’t need a religion to have faith.”  The song is also a part of their Broken Chapters EP.

Verse Metrics, meanwhile, contributes by adding their indie pop number, Oscillation. With sweet vocals and a catchy beat, the song carries a feel-good vibe worthy of a summer getaway with friends or loved ones. The band is from Glasgow and currently working on a new EP to be released on the second half of 2012.

Other bands you’ll find here include, the Edinburgh dark pop group, Letters; the straightly electro acoustic cut Campfires in Winter and an altrock number from Dalrymple Goes Wrong.

EP#13 is certainly a great compilation to check out if you’re interested in new music. You can grab the download through their BandCamp page and also visit their site for more available EPs.

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