Making his 5th appearance here at the Frostclick blog, Derek Clegg is back with his sixth official release. Across Town is a 12-track record from the master of acoustic folk pop. Like most of his previous albums, it resonates with a cozy feel that makes you think of heartfelt folk pop songs you can easily play on your guitar on a lazy afternoon.

With several great quality compilations in tow, it’s hard to believe that Derek remains independent. A one-man band manning the songwriting, recording, and producing of his records; the guy is one tough act to follow. Some of his previous releases include It Seems As Though, Beautiful World, Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck and KJC.

Currently based in Chicago, the multi-talented singer’s music is comparable to some of the best acoustic folk pop artists today. His skillful guitar playing as well as charming lyrics beautifully convey a truth that most of us can relate with.

Take for instance, opening track, The River. Laced with a southern guitar vibe, the song is a beautiful countryside pop song that’s an ode to a long lost friend. With its simple but catchy melody, it perfectly sets the mood of the album: one of laid back songs, forgotten relationships and happy moments.

Be FreeBurden, Judy and Half of Me are slightly more upbeat compared to the rest of the tracks. On the other hand, songs like Lost Without You, Brilliant, and Beautiful World are more sentimental; something that the artist clearly excels in. His emotional vocals add a heartfelt truth to the lyrics and makes you want to just sit back and take it all in.

Definitely an artist worth listening to, Derek Clegg proves that even if you aren’t backed by a big name label (or any label at all,) you can still create wonderful, great quality music as long as you have passion and love for your craft. Grab the download.

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