Advanced English Dictionary

Advanced English Dictionary (AED) from Cosmos Chong is just the right app for all those moments when you need to look up a certain word on the spot. While there are many Internet dictionaries out there, AED is much quicker and provides a lot more features; and with an interface very much in tune of that of Windows 8, it is a breeze to use.

Science360 for iPad

Science360 is the official app of the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the iPad. With the app you get instant access to engineering and science facts from around the world, as well as captivating images and video. In addition, there are many other features that you’ll find useful such as a news feed.

Timeline Eons

Timeline Eons is an educational app that offers you a graphical display of the history of the natural world. Going through history books can be a bit dull, but with this app by, things just got a bit more interesting. There’s a paid version available, but the free edition has more than enough features to satisfy history buffs.


C2A is a planetarium software developed by Philippe Deverchère which you can use for building and viewing of stellar fields. With this program you can use it to access several catalogues for use in astrometry, and it also works well as a general purpose planetarium program.

Elevate: Brain Training

Elevate: Brain Training from Elevate is an app that exercises the mind by way of games and tests, with the goal of improving your cognitive abilities. While there is a paid version of the app, this free version offers more than enough to give your brain a workout, and you’ll have some fun in the process.


If you’ve been using Twitter you’ve probably heard of @UberFacts, that account where you can read wonderful, weird and bizarre facts. Well now you can get the UberFacts on your iOS device from Uber Unlimited, and it has all the facts and information you love in their Twitter account, and more.

Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Teaser from Rosetta Stone Canada is an educational app that will stimulate your brain and improve your memory. This app includes several sessions that should go a long way towards improving your concentration, focus, and ability to process information.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator from Vision Objects is an app that lets you do math calculations with your own handwriting. Because of the way the app is designed, performing calculations is very intuitive. You don’t need to do anything complex, as you just write the expression and the app will do the rest.


Allrecipes is a free Windows 8 application created by, and it’s one of the most comprehensive recipe applications you can download today. Their website is packed with recipes, and the best of them can be found here. If you love cooking or want to learn how, this is the perfect companion.