Planets from Q Continuum is the app that’s going to take you to the planets and stars. It’s educational, but it’s a lot of fun too, combining features of astronomy with a planetarium, and the presentation makes for an engrossing exploration of the constellations and planets.

PowerSchool Mobile

If you’re a teacher or school administrator and using the PowerSchool student information system, you’re going to find the PowerSchool mobile app for the Android and iOS useful. What the app does is provide a way for parents, teachers and students to stay in touch and share information. Unlike other education apps, this has been specifically tailored for this system so it’s more intuitive to use.

Sworkit Lite

If you’re busy it can be difficult to find time for exercise, let alone go to a gym and hire a personal trainer. But if you still want to get in shape – and you should – you can download Sworkit Lite from Nexercise. This is the free version of Sworkit Pro, but there are more than enough features to have you working up a sweat.

Weather Radar

The weather these days can be unpredictable, and without a right guide it can really mess up your schedule, so it’s wise to be prepared. Weather Radar from Apalon is one such guide, as this free app provides the info you need at your fingertips, as it can be used as a widget for the Notification Center so you’ll be informed instantly.


OpenTeacher is an open source application that makes it easier to learn a new language. Basically what the application does is allow you to produce tests that will help you master your foreign language skills, and while similar programs do exist, OpenTeacher is entirely free.