Fit Brains Teaser from Rosetta Stone Canada is an educational app that will stimulate your brain and improve your memory. This app includes several sessions that should go a long way towards improving your concentration, focus, and ability to process information.

Fit Brains Trainer 2
Fit Brains Teaser is also good for improving your ability to solve problems, and your visual skills will also be enhanced. The nice thing about this app is you just need to spend a few minutes using it to reap the benefits. While there are a lot of features in Fit Brains Teaser, figuring out what’s what isn’t hard and over time you’re going to notice your memory improving.

Aside from enhancing memory, Fit Brains Teaser will also help your brain learn how to resolve problems that go beyond the challenges offered in the app. In short you can use the knowledge and training you gained here for everyday problems and situations. The Fit Brain Index will actually track the performance of the important areas in your brain, and you can compare the results with other people with a similar gender or age.

Fit Brains Teaser comes with a Trainer that will automatically adjust the game level to suit you. Aside from that, the app also syncs performances and scores using your Fit Brains account, thus making it easy to use. The app has been downloaded more than 5 million times and it is one of the most popular education apps for the iOS and Android, and there’s really no reason not to try this.

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