GoPro app is the official app for the GoPro camera, courtesy of Woodman Labs, and it’s definitely a must. With this you get more from your camera using either the iOS, Android or Windows Phone. It’s basically a way of remotely controlling your camera and making the sharing process easier, but it can do more.


Google2SRT by Komz is a free utility that lets you download, keep and convert several subtitles off Google Video and YouTube into SubRip (.srt) format. SRT is a format that majority of media players recognize, so if you play and edit videos a lot this tool will be very convenient.


Lomotif is an app that allows you to edit music videos for Instagram. Developed by Lomotif Private Limited, it’s the simplest, most efficient way to not just add music, crop and edit them. Unlike other full blown video editors, Lomotif is easy to pick up and learn.

MusicBrainz Picard

MusicBrainz Picard is a cross platform music tag editor that provides support for a wide number of formats. It’s not difficult to use and provides advanced options and plugins that you can add. On its own the program runs fine however, and makes tagging music files easy.


Nook is a free book reader from Barnes and Noble which you can use not just for books but for magazines, newspapers and other reading materials online. With it you can download free ebooks and also make purchases, and there’s a good amount of customization available although it works fine with the default settings.


PrimeTube from App Lyf is an app that makes it easy for you to access YouTube from Windows 8. Unlike other YouTube apps, PrimeTube makes viewing your favorite videos easy whether you are using Windows 8 from your laptop, desktop or tablet. It is also equipped with a lot of features that make it even useful.