Ninja Senki

If you are like me and you simply cannot resist a good ninja platformer, then you'll want to include Ninja Senki on your must-play game list. The game was designed by Jonathan Lavigne and was originally based on the Super NES game Ninja Jajamaru-Kun and Mega Man. Although it's done in simple 8-bit, the game is a refreshing platformer that will satisfy all your shuriken tossing needs. In the game, you play a cute blue ninja named, Hayate, that must avenge the death of his clan's princess, Kinuhime. Go ahead and let out your inner ninja with this cool 8-bit. You'll definitely enjoy it.

Desktop Dungeons

Desktop Dungeons is a cool puzzle, RPG game that will definitely keep you coming back for more. The game features simple and basic gameplay that can last for about 10-15 minutes at a time. However, there are rogue-like elements and surprises that help keep players keep coming back for more. This awesome dungeon crawler lets you to explore different dungeons. Each level is randomly generated so it keeps everything quite interesting. The gameplay is simple but don't be fooled, it's a tough game to master. Surprisingly, it's this juxtaposition of basic and complex that makes the game addictive and engaging. It''s even garnered a fanbase and various forums have sprouted in discussing the various parts of the game like exchanging spells, tactics etc. A game worth checking out.

Raccord Sniper

Raccord Sniper is an experimental new indie game that comes from the creator of Loop Raccord and UFO On Tape. The game is a cool shooter that lets you play as the Raccord Police. Your goal is to search for weird furniture or other items inside various apartments and to actually shoot them down. The game was developed by Nicolai Troshinsky and is definitely a cool take on the usual shooting game genre. Although the developer admits to not intentionally creating a series of games based on raccord, so far, he has done two games with the same subject on the main page. Raccord Sniper was done entirely from recycled pictures of the IKEA catalogue; definitely a neat little game worth your while.

IWBTG (I Wanna Be The Guy)

I Wanna Be The Guy or better known as IWBTG is not exactly a simple love story. Well, it is about a dude going on an adventure in order to become THE guy. It doesn't stop there, I'll tell you off the bat that it is extremely difficult. However, if you are a glutton for punishment and love being pushed around into complicated, near impossible feats; you'll probably hold this game close to your heart. Another thing to note is that if you are a hardcore NES or SNES fan, you'll be grinning from ear to ear when playing this game. IWBTG combines modded levels of your favorite NES games like Megaman, Battletoads and even Contra; creating a one-of-a-kind, hair-pulling experience. Definitely a hardcore game worth checking out whether you loved Nintendo or not.

Crazy Over Goo

Crazy Over Goo is the brainchild of quirky and entertaining game developer, Banov. This little platformer lets you control a little yellow goo or ball that is in pursuit of his one and only. Although it's not exactly a sequel, it was made as a follow-up to the developer's Assassin Blue. The game is actually a simple point and click adventure that contains 50 or so levels of fun things that you need to do. It also offers a cool level editor as well as plenty of unlockables to enjoy. Crazy Over Goo was initially released back in 2009 and was first known as Yellow Goo Love. If you need something simple but definitely entertaining to play, then you're looking at that game. Give it a try by clicking the download link.

Tiny Barbarian

Tiny Barbarian is a cute little platformer where you play a minuscule barbarian who falls in love with the enemy. In this case, a mysterious frost woman who appears out of nowhere bringing in hordes of zombies, wolves and other enemies down your path. The game is simple but it's very entertaining and fun to play. It was developed by Michael Stearns and the music was especially created by Jeff Ball. It's a game worth checking out. The storyline was originally based on R.E.Howard Conan story, "The Frost Giant's Daughter." Give the game a download by clicking the Download Game link now.


Precision is an interesting platformer from one of the most prominent indie game developers today, Cactus. This one's about 3 years old but it's still very entertaining to play. Basically, your goal is to jump atop several buildings while collecting green bottles along the way. The game was initially created last 2008 and has gained quite a lot of fans, like most Cactus games often do. Taking a cue from the title, the game requires plenty of precision when it comes to helping the little dude get through each level. As expected from the developer, this one pushes the box a little further and provides players with a little something more. Give the game a download by hitting the download link right now.

GunGirl 2

GunGirl 2 is a Side-Scroller, Action/Adventure Game, created by Paul Schneider. After choosing to become a gun girl or a gun dude (depending on which gender you prefer), a player is then released into a zombie infested world. To put it simply, the aim of this game is to make it through each of its levels, killing zombies-while also evading their touch. Eventually, a player will find the demon responsible for creating the zombie-apocalypse and defeat it. This game also adds the ability to gain power ups and these can be used to upgrade personal attributes. Furthermore, it is important to mention that there is a lot of gore involved in the graphics of this game. This is definitely a selling point for blood-thirsty gamers who love to see the consequences of their attacks, although, I would not recommend this game to anyone below the age of 15.


Sombreros is a remake of an old Action 52 game. It's given new life, better gameplay, not to mention, great graphics by Dustin Gunn. In this game, you play a Mexican packing a big gun and an even bigger sombrero. Your main objective is to collect more of these giant hats from your enemies. Go on a shootout or simply duel with them one by one. The game is pretty interesting. It's a bit on the short side but definitely worth your while. Created as an Action 52 remake, this arcade shooter features top down shooting. You can sense the many inspirations from western movies and games as well as in the original game.