Sombreros is a remake of an old Action 52 game. It’s given new life, better gameplay, not to mention, great graphics by Dustin Gunn.

In this game, you play a Mexican packing a big gun and an even bigger sombrero. Your main objective is to collect more of these giant hats from your enemies. Go on a shootout or simply duel with them one by one. The game is a bit on the short side but definitely worth your while. Created as an Action 52 remake, this arcade shooter features top down shooting. You can sense the many inspirations from western movies and  games as well as in the original game.

When fighting the bad guys, you get an unlimited number of ammos at your disposal. You can pretty much blast your way through enemies without really worrying too much. If you need extra powers, you can use your sombrero to pause time, allowing you to mark your enemies and shoot them with a hailstorm of gunfire. Of course, using this depletes your sombrero gauge so you need to be a bit careful.

The game provides interesting gameplay. It has three levels where you can fight off henchmen, big bosses and explore various places. Controls can become a bit unpredictable but the silliness of the game, all in all, makes up for it.  The graphics are excellent and the soundtrack is quite cool.

If you have a heart for western games or pretty much western anything, then this is something that should be on your list. You can download it absolutely free as well. Now go and collect those sombreros, amigo!

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