Crazy Over Goo is the brainchild of quirky and entertaining game developer, Banov. This little platformer lets you control a little yellow goo or ball that is in pursuit of his one and only. Although it’s not exactly a sequel, it was made as a follow-up to the developer’s Assassin Blue.

The game is actually a simple point and click adventure that contains 50 or so levels of fun things that you need to do. It also offers a cool level editor as well as plenty of unlockables to enjoy.

Crazy Over Goo was initially released back in 2009 and was first known as Yellow Goo Love. If you need something simple but definitely entertaining to play, then you’re looking at that game. Give it a try by clicking the download link.

In Crazy Over Goo, you’ll be in control of an elastic ball; traversing countless levels and going through fun obstacles just to get to your lady love.  (Yes, the little yellow like ball does remind you of another popular ‘yellow-dot gobbling yellow ball.’) All you have to do to clear a room or a stage is to overcome all of the traps in it and touch the red flag.

Once you do this, you get to move to the next level and overcome the next set of obstacles. As mentioned, there are plenty of unlockables in the game. Although most of the stages are quite easy to complete, it’s important that you don’t skip a level if you want to unlock everything.

Graphics for the game are good and the soundtrack is pretty awesome. You can download it separately here. Game controls has you point and clicking away with the mouse which is quite easy. However, this can easily become annoying every time you accidentally click outside the windows since your character would die.

Nevertheless, the game is pretty neat. It’s a bit short even if it contains 50 levels so you might want to make that level editor work for you. For download instructions, head here.

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