Unlike most space shooters, Trapped is simply a tad bit confusing. The game doesn't just rely on you killing the enemy, you have to execute some special action before you can successfully eliminate them, protect your ship, and make a clean getaway. The game was created by Wiebo de Wit and was released just a couple of weeks ago. It's still currently being updated for any new bug fixes and other improvements that can be done. It's a cool shooter game though that's perfect when you're on break. Give it a quick download and see if you can crack this one.

Singlehandedly (Jacob Pavone)

Another Ludlum Dare entry, Singlehandedly is a cool platformer that was done in the vein of Megaman. Ludlum Dare is a game challenge where participants are tasked to create games for a set period of time. This whole event was started back in April 2002 by Geoff Howland. Created by Jacob Pavone, Singlehandedly, lets you play as a young hero with a perpetual laser gun seemingly strapped to his hand. You can blast away enemies and overcome obstacles that come your way. The game is simple but definitely quite fun to play. If you adore platform games and love the Megaman series, then this game would definitely please you

Life Fortress Volcabamba

Life Fortress Volcabamba is an interesting game that you might want to look into. Apart from the tongue twister title, the game offers a cool gameplay and a fun classic style. Created using a popular Japanese programming language called, Hot Soup Processor (HSP,) it showcases a classic feel similar to the MSX games back in the day. The shooter game features six levels that will give you quite a challenge. Hence, if you have a good amount of spare time and willing to take on a semi-hardcore Japanese game, then this is one to check out.


BlockShooter is the latest game from Milk Corporation and the company claims that their game is so good that it'll make you want to "touch yourself" (their words not mine.) Not quite sure whether it's THAT good but it's pretty addictive and entertaining nevertheless. The game is offered with two dimensional graphics and even though you might prefer smooth or lifelike rendering, the graphics doesn't hinder you from having a great time. Ultimately, the game is still worth checking out. Grab the game at the Milk Corporation website or you can click on the Download Game link towards the left.

Shotgun FunFun

With doomsday theorists saying we might have a potential zombie attack to fight off during the end of days, it's always best to stay prepared. Shotgun FunFun can help you out with that. This cool game puts you in a scenario where you're trapped in an industrial looking place with 100,000 zombies ready to eat your brains. Oh, and you have unlimited shotgun shells at your disposal so you can blast your way through hordes of the undead. Originally available for download on the PC, the game is now offered absolutely free from the Mac App Store. Now you can tune in and blast your way through a zombie feast. Give the game a download and see how far you can keep Buck Morris alive.

Flicker (Thunderware Games)

If you're old enough to remember those Atari games, then you might remember how it started flickering every time too many objects were visible on the screen at once. Flicker plays on this interesting little quirk. In the game, you are a religious fanatic that's bent in destroying the entire human race. So, you travel back in time in order to carry out this deed. The game certainly takes advantage of this little screen flickering glitch and puts it to great use. It provides a whole new level of challenge while playing the game. Give it a try.

Star Opus: Episode I “Pathway to the Pollux”

Dubbed as the "real mother of all retro games," Star Opus I takes retro shooting to a whole new level. The game induces some hardcore Asteroids style of gameplay along with some lovely, lovely tunes to go along with it. Star Opus I is essentially a one-man project. The first episode is currently released as a freeware and so will Episode II, which is currently under construction. However, it seems to be set for a commercial release later on. Let's just hope this doesn't come soon enough. For the meantime, grab this download from their website or simply hit the Download Game link. It's perfect if you just want to get away for awhile, head to space and shoot some asteroids.

General Conflict

General Conflict is the result of a project created by 8 talented students from Utrecht School of the Arts. The game is a simple yet enjoyable fast-paced shooter platform that is perfect if you have several buddies over (currently it can accommodate up to 3 players) and are clearly looking for some fun as well. This great little action platformer is still being upgraded by the team as they get a feel for the response and feedback they receive from gamers. However, that doesn't stop it from being such a fun game to try out though.

Tottenham from Theta Games

When you first see Tottenham, it might look weird but it definitely has solid gameplay and will assure any player a good time. In the game, you play a demolitions expert that has to clear the path so that subway connections can be made from point A to point B. This is the latest release from indie developer, Theta Games. They have several other games up for download on their website, some of the titles include Orange, Composition Piece, and R- Theta II. Tottenham might be the type of game people would look over because of its simple graphics, but it's actually a fun and very cool arcade game to check out.